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Developer:   Amaia Ruiz (Twitter: ghiramaita/ Instagram: Amaita97)

Genre:  Adventure, mistery, mild-horror

Plataform:  RPG Maker VX Ace 

 Play time: approx. 30 min + 

Language:  English/spanish


Margery is a little girl who lives with her mother deep in the forest. One day she finds a note with some ingredients written on it and she decides to search for them outside.

Accidentally, she finds herself trapped in an unknown part of the forest where fairies live. Now she must find the way back home.

Something odd is happening in that forest, and not everyone likes Margery.


- 3 endings

- Original art, for both maps and characters

- Lesbian fairies

- Mild horror

- Half an hour of exploration and little quests


Desarrolladora: Amaia Ruiz  (Twitter: ghiramaita/ Instagram: Amaita97)

Género: Aventura, misterio, semi terror

Plataforma:  RPG Maker VX Ace 

Tiempo de juego:  30 minutos aprox.

Idioma: Inglés/español


Margery es una niña pequeña que vive con su madre en lo más profundo del bosque. Un día encuentra una lista de ingredientes y decide salir a buscarlos al bosque.

Por accidente queda atrapada en una parte del bosque desconocida donde habitan las hadas. Ahora debe encontrar la forma de volver a casa.

Pero algo extraño está sucediendo y Margery no cae bien a todo el mundo.


- 3 finales

- Arte original, tanto para mapas como para personajes

- Hadas lesbianas

- Un poco de terror

- Media hora de exploración y pequeñas misiones


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Margery (spanish version).exe 243 MB
Margery (english version).exe 243 MB


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Just in case you miss it, wanted to tell you that that map with the Eucalyptus tree in the English version has invisible walls surrounding it. This isn't the case for the Spanish version though.
Anyway, looking forward to the English release :)

Thanks a lot for letting me know, I will fix it as soon as possible. And for the english translation I'm sorry for being so slow 

Don't worry ^.^ It's better to take your time for a good result imo.

I noticed the new download has a lot of the walls removed which is good but there's still a couple left just barely around the tree. (Also one by itself in the path). I have the images here to help. Red circles are the invisible walls.  https://imgur.com/a/Oxz64uh

Wow, thank you for taking the time to circle them for me. Sorry if my incompetence is ruining your playing experience.